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Remember the Sony Watchman of the 1980s? It was a miniature, portable TV. Sony should use that name for its watches--especially since it has 'Man' in it, which would signify the inclusion of Walkman Audio in Sony watches. Powerful differentiating factor for Sony's smartwatch. There are SO many companies releasing smartwatches, but little to distinguish among them. WATCHMAN would be perfect: a WATCH with WALKMAN capabilities.

Sony Paper

by snowbeach Enthusiast ‎01-22-2015 09:24 PM

Sony needs to go to college campuses and other institutions to demo its Sony Paper tablet. It's the perfect size for viewing documents in their entirety and the E-ink technology lets you take notes and annotate, in a format that is easy on the eyes (a key issue for students, professors, lawyers, researchers). Yes, it's expensive at $1000 but that's partly because so few people have bought it, that the product does not have economies of scale. And so few people have bought it because no one knows about it...because, as we all know, Sony does not market. Which brings us back to: Sony needs to go to college campuses and conduct hands-on demos of its Sony Digital Paper E-tablet. Get to it, Sony.


I have a recommendation for products of your company( Television)

when I change the channel of my TV the volume sound of channels is deferent and I need a tools or devise that it can constant the volume of sound in all channel that when I change the channel the volume of sound is fixed .



best regard 

Abbas nasiri


Hello! Late last year I purchased the Sony HDRPJ260V video camera right before my first child (Ellie) was born on Nov 24th. I purchased the camera so I'd have something that could shoot high quality video but that was easy to use and hassel free. My wife and I committed to video taping our daughter every day for the first year of her life. We've had some challenges with food allergies, but  have met our goal (mostly) and today Ellie turned one. I now have many hours of footage that I'd like to turn in to a video montage (one second or less per day of her life) to celebrate her first year. My goal is to get this done by Christmas. Depending the music we decide to use, I'm not sure what my options will be to share the video, but I just wanted to say thank you. The camera more than delivered for us and really made this venture possible. I've worked in digital marketing and professional video production for over ten years... and I couldn't be happer with the results of this consumer camera. I'd recommend this product to any parent looking for a great way to document their kid's lives. Thanks Sony!


- George, Jodi, and Ellie Pfeiffer

Hi I work in Gateway office and my son is looking for a promising job that can help him grow and possibly get mentored to start a career with Sony Compay.

Can you please send me step by step how and where to apply?

His name is Adrian M. Torres.  He currently only has been able to work small low income jobs and he currently engaged with his girlfriend.  He would like to be a provider for his future wife.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance.


Warm Regards,

Ms. Irma Jeannette Torres

CRS-Florida Cancer Specialist

239-432-8538 work

239-810-6596 Cell