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MDR-NC50 noise-cancelling headphones pad/cushion replacement

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The MDR-NC50 noise-cancelling headphones may be a discontinued model but they are so good and still so solid that I don't want to dump them. The earpads, though... they have definitely seen better years. So:


  1. What current Sony headphones model, currently selling replacement parts, would have a cup the same shape/size the old MDR-NC50?
  2. Or can still buy the actual pads for the NC50, that would also be a solution. Is it a standard size? I wouldn't know who to contact to do so.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: MDR-NC50 noise-cancelling headphones pad/cushion replacement

Hi Samsone,


Welcome and thank you for considering SONY Community!


Please check our latest headphone models in the link below.


You can also inquire for the compatible earpads in the link below.







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Registered: ‎03-20-2017
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Re: MDR-NC50 noise-cancelling headphones pad/cushion replacement


Thanks, Joffrey.


I contacted Encompass and this is their reply: "Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, the ear pad,2-190-702-02, you are requesting has been discontinued and is no longer available through Encompass. We apologize for any inconvenience Status: Completed"


Thank you, Captain Obvious Smiley Happy Haha. I anticipated it would be discontinued as the headphones are. At least they gave me the part number.


I'm only asking for a list of their currently active user-replaceable pads with their specs/sizes so I can do the guess work. It would help more if we know which one of them matches the NC50. I can try and guess from the photos on your catalog, but I need sizes/specs to find the right size.


Any thoughts? Think you could point me in the right direction? Thank you for your time.




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