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Registered: ‎09-10-2014
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problems with contacting customer support

Dear Sony,
Re event ID #E60226697

I am currently located in Australia. 

You would have probably looked through the notes.  I have just recently called you tech support, where they kindly reminded me that customer support cannot be reach unless it is through email.  Since it has been over a week since the last email was sent, you can see why I am concerned when I would be contacted.
The laptop was originally brough through the USA Sony online store May 2013.  Problems started with the laption in June 2013, but I could only send the laptop in for repair in July 2013.  It is out of international warrenty, but there is Sony Protection PLUS Plan for repairs done in the US.
The laptop was handed into Sony Australia on the 22 July 2014.  The details of the warranty was at this stage to be confirmed.  SonyAu asked me to contact the USA branch as it would be quicker than their internal system.  When I spoke with a SonyUSA representative, we agreed that I would be contacted to confirm the shipping cost to the US, where the laptop could then be repaired.  The laptop was to be shipped from the Paramatta Sony Shop in Australia as cited several times the Sony prefered courier service was unreasonable from previous experience.  Where StarTrack asked for a full working day off for item to be collected, rather than the standard 2-3hour gap that other courier services provide.  SonyUSA also had to ask me for the details of their own shop, including address and contact number.
The E number was forwarded to SonyAu by me.
In August, SonyAU confirmed that they were waiting for Sony USA to confirm what was to be done next.
Over a week ago, SonyAU recommended me to contact SonyUSA as apparently the Australian department has tried several times to contact the US branch without success with email correspondence ignored.
It was two months before tech support (888 476 6972 and/or 855 766 9777) actually told be to contact customer support, and the only way they could be contacted was by email.  And that they could only contact me if I had a USA number.  This was only after I asked to speak with a manager on why nothing has been done or what to do next.  Considering that this laptop set me back over $2500, I had expected better.
To be frank, three VAIO laptops of varying models were purchased in two years, in approximately a year from date of purchase, all have had a SSD hard drive problem.  The laptops do not seem to have the same durability as previous generations, as the old CS VGN-CS2G with lower spec is still going strong.
To be honest, this experience has shaken my faith in your product.  And all of the calls and follow ups seem to go no where (your tech support agress with me).  The laptop is still siting in the Sony Au store in Paramatta.
The email to customer support was sent last week, where your tech support said a response (by email) would be within 24-48 hours.  It has been over a week.  What would be a reasonable time before a response is made?
If you feel that this matter cannot be resolved in a timely manner, I would like a refund.  After all, considering how much was spent on this laptop and the customer service thus fair.  It is not worth it.
Loyally buying Sony Vaio products for over 15 years; has gone no where.
Many thanks for your consideration.  I look forwards to hearing from you soon.
Yours sincerely.


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Registered: ‎09-10-2014
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Re: problems with contacting customer support

Is there a better way to get some customer support please?!

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Registered: ‎09-10-2014
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Re: problems with contacting customer support

Dear fellow Sony Customer,


I have been waiting four years for my replacement TV from Sony, Which was promised to my by Sony Exchange.  I'm still waiting, and all they do is ignore me.  Because the "Free" Replacement TV they offered me in 2010, they now want $800.00 for!  I've never been so bullied in my life.  Sony has turned from a once trusted company, to a jip joint!  I hope they go under, They've already closed about 78% of their stores in the US.  Sony, you can't keep cheating your customers and expect to thrive!  There is such a thing as Karma!


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Re: problems with contacting customer support

Hi watermelons,  For further assistance regarding your concern, please contact the Sony offices/Sony representative offices nearest to your place of residence in Asia Pacific region. Due to proximity, they are in a better position to respond to your questions or concerns. I have already sent email referral for you.  Thanks, Hailey

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