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Hi, Sony team!


I could be a big fan of your Digital Paper System provided certain improvements are made. 


The idea to have all the books in an electronic format is very appealing and to have a possibility to read it on a glare-free screen with very little weight is very interesting. 


From my own experience, however, I would like to mention that I use the following services to read electronic books

1) PDF in Adobe Digital Editions format

2) Books purchased from Wiley - VitalSource application to use on a PC

3) PDF itself

4) Books purchased from Amazon in Kindle format


I think that some portion of people (if not majority) who buy electronic books used the same applications. Others can probably use Safaribooks or other resources.  


The first option is probably the most necessary (and the option 4 with Amazon probably cannot be introduced due to proprietary format). Therefore, when Sony makes a great device and doesn't provide with opportunity to use this device at its best while charging pretty big amount of money, is not a best solution, in my opinion.

If Sony makes some updates which allow me to use at least Adobe Digital Editions, while reducing the price to $400-500, I will be very glad to reconsider a purchase of could be a great device.


All the best, 


A7r & A7 , Can you use the USB Charging to Power the A7r on a Studio Shoot?


I know it can charge the Batteries.

Someone told me it can work but the manual says NOT to .. WHY?


Even if you have to take OUT the Batteries ... having the ability to use the USB port to Power the A7r on a LONG studio shoot  (say a Product shoot)  is Useful.


My guess , if it cannot do it now  because the batteries are in ... It  "could" with a FW Update ???

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HONOR Warranty

by daleherman Rookie ‎01-14-2016 09:49 AM

RX100M4 - Three months old. Only left house three times. Never dropped, near water, etc... Claiming corrosion damage due to battery or water. I only have the original battery.


Will not honor warranty. Cost to fix greater than camera ($1000???)


Are you serious. I have had four other Sony cameras (Nex-5N, Nex-7, A7r, A7R2). 


Firmware Update idea


Cameras like the A7s, and a7Rii have display markers that could be really useful for a6000 owners that use the camera for video. The grid in live view doesn't help at all when you want to achieve a certain creative aspect ratio like 2.35:1 or even 1.85:1 which are very popular aspect ratios in the film community. Please give us a6000 owners some more creative video options, 



I'm working on a storage device that can transfer 1 Gbit per second.

I'm figuring out ways to perform ultra fast data transfer.

Design And Interface

by Terex Enthusiast ‎04-21-2014 04:52 AM

why do u just have 3 colours for your phones(flahships), have you ever considrd blue, red and green which will look good great with the all glass design. seeing how well the Z1 Compact came out with pink and yellow "Thumbs up". and also the the keyboard layout is just for 3 colors

I would like to be able to compose the shot and magnify focus at the same time. At the moment, you can only do one of those at any given time.



There are multiple ways to achieve this:


  1. Create a small magnified square (like a loupe) around the point the user has selected to focus on and magnify said square when the focus ring is turned
  2. Create a small magnified square (like a loupe) in the centre of the frame that magnifies the point the user has selected, this method is similar to the first except the square remains in the centre of the frame at all times
  3. Split the screen into two halves and use the left half for composition and the right half for 100% magnification or vice versa


I have a few other ideas to improve the manual focus experience as well:


  1. User selectable magnification amount upon the lens being turned i.e. the user no longer has to press a button after turning the focus ring, to magnify the shot further, as it can go straight to 14x magnification when the lens is turned
  2. Facial recognition such that the selected focus area goes towards the subjects eye when the manual focus ring is turned and an eye is detected
  3. The same focus options available to autofocus should be available to manual focus (where applicable) e.g. if the user wants to have only a few different focus areas to select from, to speed up the process of selecting a focus point, this should be available
  4. The manual focus button (usually used for autofocus lenses) should act as a lock and will prevent magnification while the lens ring is turned--this would be particularly useful for video usage when the user simply wants to rely on focus peaking

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