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Full Dive Nerve Gear Sistem

by LucasWhinter Rookie ‎12-26-2013 08:56 AM

Hello to everyone in Sony Corporation,my name is Lucas Rodrigues,i am from brazil and ia am here because i want to tell you about the sistem Full Dive, that sistem have been seen in a anime called Sword Art Online (SAO).

In the anime,the players used 2 sistem that make they link they minds with a "avatar"online in the Game that is mencioned before,the anime pass in the year of 2022-2025,this anime make,not only me,but all the people that watch it to want to play it,want to go in this history,the sistem that they use was called NerveGear,this sistem allow to the player to have full control of his avatar without moving his real body. The NerveGear looks like a helmet with a internal battery that hold the player online in more or less 2 hours and when this time is out,the helmet execute a emergency log out,without collateral effects.

In the anime,there is a second NerveGear but his name is AMU sphere,the only diference is that is more safe than the Helmet,and it looks like a tiara,images in this email. I would like to know that is any chance to create one of those, because this is the most important part of project that i am idealizing,and the NerveGear is one of the 3 part of the project,the first is the game itself,the second is the NerveGear and the third is the most dificult part,avaliable to all over the world,so i want to know if the SONY CORPORATION can help us,me,my friend called lucas and my another friend called eric (we are all brazilian,of course)

thank you all to read this and happy new year


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Full-Dive Head Gear

by Ethe_V Rookie ‎07-29-2015 08:14 PM

Hi Sony.


I'll assume that you have recently heard of all the new game systems that use stuff like Oculus-Rift. I, personally, am very happy about the step that out current world's technology has come to, but we have a lot to go yet.


So I have been putting a lot of thought into how to make a full-dive system that will immerse a person into a virtual reality. It won't be bulky of require sensors for physical movement, instead it would interceppt brain waves meant to cause a physical action and make them a virtual action. Therefore meaning a person would simply put on the head gear, lay down, and play their game without having to physically move aorund.


I would be overjoyed to help make this actually happen, however I lack the equipment to make it occur.


I hope that, by sharing my thoughts with you, you will consider letting me work for you to make this dream become a reality. If anybody wants more information on how this full-dive would work, please contact me.



I love the focus peaking feature, but the available colors sometimes do not stand you well in a natural scene. Yellow for instance is hard to see when you're subject contains foliage.


I'd like 'rarer' colors, like for instance the 'cyan' and 'magenta' Photoshop lets you choose for grids and guides

really, the a5100 wich is her little sister, has it, and a6000 no? 

i just ordered an a6000 on amazon 2 days ago, then i read about 5100 wich seems better for this and touch screen? do i really need to send it back to amazon? i really like it...


please, update firmware with XAVC-S support, on some video based reviews, reviewers blame the avhcd codec... and i'm sure there's no hardware problem... same sensor, same cpu, same hardware etc.



Optical output on W802A TV

by kcwvu Rookie ‎10-02-2013 11:00 AM

The current setup for the output of the optical connection on the W802A is that if output is set to optical (not headphones) and the TVs speakers are set to "On", the sound from the optical output is stereo (cannot support 5.1).  If the speakers are turned to "Off", then the output automatically switches to 5.1. 


Can the logic be changed to always output sound through the optical cable in 5.1 format independent of weather the TVs speakers are on or off?  It is a big inconvenience to go through the settings and turn the TV speakers to "Off" if I want to use my receiver for surround sound.  Most TV's (even my 7 year old Phillips) are able to support this.

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Mobile Camera

by Anas_alfakhouri Rookie ‎04-12-2017 03:59 AM
I want to suggest a simple idea that you have noticed on most mobile devices.
When we record a video we can't switch between the front camera and the back camera during recording.
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by cernac Rookie ‎04-17-2017 03:09 PM

In-camera jpeg HDR comes with the camera. For an upgrade one can add in-camera RAW HDR with Digital Filter and Sky HDR, so I know that RAW HDR is possible. Is there a reason that I can't just do an in-camera RAW HDR without fussing around with boundary lines?  


Additionally, it would be neat if you could tell the camera how many shots of each exposure to take. Let's say you slap on an ND filter, stop down to F22, take 3 pictures at each of 7 exposure levels, then merge all into an HDR--it would be an automatic long exposure HDR consisting of 21 shots spread over at least 21 seconds.



Sony users, if you agree, please second this: "Sony, please allow for in-camera RAW HDR!"

I am thinking about missing exposure compensation in Manual mode. In my old dslr there is also no possible to compensate exposure, but there is not enought buttons... 


In NEX camera it is easy to set exposure compensation in P/A/S modes. Is any problem to allow set EV in Manual mode?


Please vote "Me Too" for add this to next firmware update.


Best Regards


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