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Registered: ‎05-14-2017
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How to authenticate camcorder with PlayMemories Home without the camcorder (lost/broken)

I saw this message popup after installing PlayMemories on a new computer and trying to sync it to my external video drive with all my Sony AVCHD files:


Some of your videos require authentication.


The first time you play these videos you must connect the Sony camera they were recorded on to this computer with a USB cable and turn on the camera. Refer to the instruction manual that came with the device for details on how to connect it.


My concern is I was planning to use PlayMemories Home to organize my all my videos from Sony and other camcorder makers... but does this mean I always have to keep a Sony camcorder lying around in case upgrade to another computer and reinstall?  It would scan my external drive for videos, but it would not let me view them until I connected my Sony camcorder and authenticated it. I know I can play the m2ts files using any software, but I'm worried there will be a day I don't have the Sony camcorder (lost/broken/gifted) and I can't authenticate to view the videos using PlayMemories.


Why can't I tell PlayMemories which camera I owned from a dropdown list without having to physically connect the hardware.



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Registered: ‎01-09-2018
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Re: How to authenticate camcorder with PlayMemories Home without the camcorder (lost/broken)

I lost my Sony Camcorder when it fell off my boat into 50 metres of water in the Indian Ocean.  Now I am stuck with a few years of video clips that I cannot edit or combine because every time I try to edit the clips I am told that I must connect the camcorder to authenticate the clips.  I have spent hours and hours on the phone talking to Sony Customer Care but they haven't been able to help.  I am furious and I will NEVER buy anything made by Sony ever again.  I have lost almost 2 years of my family's life on video and hours and hours of effort because I CAN'T PLAY MEMORIES!!!!!!  The software should be renamed DoesntPlayMemoriesIfYourCamcorderGetsLost. Roger

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