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Catalyst Browse 2017 development proposals

We are satisfied with the Sony cameras and the other Sony products, we like these hardwares and softwares, so we write this post to help with our suggestions!


So! We had a few problems with the Content Browser 2.3 (unexpected crashes and video lags, less optimized operation, e.g. when the editors use the software faster), but the structure and functions of Content Browser are very usable and user friendly for professional use.


But after a testing process of the newest version of Catalyst Browse (2017.2) - as an alternate solution to Content Browser (because the Content Browser's crashes and lags) - we saw a lot of deficiency compared to the Content Browser for a professional broadcast environment:


1. the software is not too fast, maybe not too optimized (boot time and during use, e.g. when it loads the selected folder's file list - with Sony file hierarchy from professional Sony cameras) (it seems Content Browser is more faster actually)

2. no drive names in Places/Devices section (OS: Windows 7 Pro x64)

3. the sections (Places, File list, Preview) aren't resizable (so in the Places section the folder structure and the full folder names aren't visible, the File list section is too big, and on the right side the Preview section is too small - we know the Preview is available in large size too in the middle)

4. it's not enough to select the main folder name in Places section for showing the Sony video file list, we must select BPAV under the main folder

5. the Timecode information (e.g. the start Timecode) aren't available in the File list section under the Thumbnails

6. not optimized space usage (so too much empty space) between the rows in the Places section

7. not closable columns (so the possibility of hidden columns) in File list section in layout by lines/rows

8. not localized date and time format (only the original, e.g.: 08/08/2017 4:25:33 PM) in Date Created (Date + start Timecode) column in File list section in layout by lines/rows

+1: the Thumbnail size in the middle File list section is not resizable (the actual - bigger - size is good, but not always necessary)


Tested on more PC's (e.g. Win 7 Pro x64 with newest updates, Intel Pentium G4400/G2030/G3420/G630 and Intel i3, 4/8 GB DDR3/DDR4, integrated GPU, SSD/HDD, fast internal network speed) with 24" FullHD monitors.


Momently we think that the new Sony Catalyst Browse software isn't usable simply and without compromises for professional broadcast browsing and scripting with narrow and fix section sizes and without drive names, Timecode informations (under files / thumbnails, such as on the running video), localized date and time format, because the editors don't see when were the necessary videos shot, etc. So it seems the actual Catalyst Browse version unfortunately doesn't meets the criterions of a professional broadcast environment, unlike the Sony's Content Browser (e.g. version 2.3).

And we saw that these functions of Sony's Catalyst Prepare are very similar to Catalyst Browse, so the shareware Catalyst Prepare isn't an alternate solution too.

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Re: Catalyst Browse 2017 development proposals

I'm surprised some of those things are STILL issues! They've had similar feedback since before version 2015!
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Re: Catalyst Browse 2017 development proposals

Teh Catalyst Browse is a nightmare to use. Everytime I click to start sometimes I have to wait a couple of minutes for it to come on or it wont come onat all! Most Windows 10 programs start instaneously or within 5 seconds. So what is this CB looking for, just to turn on? Then there is all the usual annoyances: Cannot save a preset, will not show the full path of where I am now etc. Seems like not many people are complaining so may be it's just me.

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