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Registered: ‎04-01-2017
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FS7 Viewfinder Image Signal Problem

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The image on the FS7 viewfinder is going in and out. It seems to only happen when the cable connection is even slightly moved at the connector port.


Does anyone have any experience with this problem? Any quick fixes? Pricing on the repair or repair parts?

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Registered: ‎12-10-2014
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Re: FS7 Viewfinder Image Signal Problem

You are far from being alone on this William. The way the cable enters the main part of the VF makes it vulnerable to internal damage to the wires, even though there is a rubber reinforcement piece at the attachment point. That location can be subject to a lot of physical strain in a camera bag, or in normal use on the camera when the VF is mounted so there is not much slack in the cable. Mine began to have intermittent signal breakup around a month ago when my camera was 2-1/2 years old. Now it is close to failure, with frequent breakup or loss of signal. I have not been able to take it for repair yet. There are repair centers, but I haven't been able to be without the camera yet since it's a very busy production seaon now (you might call Macie Video in Dedham, MA, the specialists most professionals I know use for service). My temporary fix this week involved 2 heavy duty metal paper clips, each slightly over 2" long. I put them on opposite sides of the cable to avoid any more bending at the place where damage is occurring inside the cable, just below the rubber piece. One end of the clips went extended along that reinforcement piece right up to the VF housing, and was taped there with 1" gaffers tape pulled tightly. I then taped it again near the clips' other end. It's served me well for the last 4 days of a documentary gig I just finished. 

It might be best to bend both clips at mid-length to a gentle angle as measured while they lay flat on a table before this work, to lessen the chance of another fraying of wires happening at the other end of the paper clips when you again happen to put strain on the cable.

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Registered: ‎06-29-2017
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Re: FS7 Viewfinder Image Signal Problem

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