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catalyst Browse transcode XAVC

I'm confused about XAVC workflow.

Because I still use FCP 7 and can't use XAVC files directly  I usually transcode to Pro Res for my use. 


However many of my clients can use XAVC and I wish to show them how to work with Catalyst Browse or prep files for them myself.


I'm guessing that like with the XDCAM BAVC folder , i want to get the MXF files outside of the XDRoot folder.
Is that correct?


I think what i'm supposed to do supposed to do is use Catalyst Browse and after choosing the correct XDRoot folder and destination,  hit  "Transcode".  Here I pick the destination codec as XAVC-I again, and choose whether I want to create  files that have been color corrected or are untouched.


What i don't get is whether this means I am re compressing my original files . I don't think so , but isn't that what "transcode" would  usually mean?   If I choose to color correct or add a LUT, I'm not baking that in to a newly compressed file am I? In XDCAM the initial step with Content Browser simply pulls the  XDCAM MOV's off the BAVC folder so they are usuable, but its not a recompression. Is that transcoding? 


So what is actually going on ? Does the color correction simply add metadata . Does the same thing happen wihen "transcoding" to ProRes? Where is the metadata kept?


Sorry to be so dense, I know these are basic questions.








What's happening when you use Catalyst Browse to "Transcode" from FS7 material shot in XAVC 

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Re: catalyst Browse transcode XAVC

When you apply corrections as part of a transcode you are re-encoding the file in a different format with baked-in corrections. This is different from what we typically do with XDCAM/XDCAM EX files in FCP 7. Our plugins would rewrap to .mov without transcoding. This feature will be in a forthcoming Catalyst update.

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Re: catalyst Browse transcode XAVC

Was this ever resolved? Can Catalyst Browse rewrap mxf to mov without transcoding?

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