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Registered: ‎05-17-2017
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Worst Customer Experience. No longer a SONY customer

What a waste of time and money. After being an exclusive Samsung TV customer for the last 15 years I finally decided to take a chance and come back to SONY. I was interested in the Playstation Vue TV service and thought that since it was online and through the app that the experience would be better if I bought the SONY tv along with Vue. 


Playstation Vue has been wonderful. The TV (XBR65X930D) has been a miserable expereince and reminded me my I had switched long ago. I only owned the TV for 6 weeks before it stopped working. Totally bricked after a software update. Then, SONY decides they'll replace it with a newer (but less feature-rich) model. I had intentionally bought the 930 series but not offered a replacement of that model. Instead, only offered the 900. Some trade-offs to be sure but I accepted hoping that would end the 4 week debacle of trying to get the tv fixed.


BUT, SONY then decided to use CEVA Home Delivery as their shipping partner and things only got worse. I'm now three weeks AFTER the model was recieved at the distribution center in my city STILL WITHOUT THE TV because CEVA is an incompetent service provider. We've had 2 failed attempts at deliver due to their drivers NOT reading the delivery notes and/or their own internal systems not knowing the difference between the online scheduler and their own internal schedule. All the while, they attempt to make this MY fault in our discussions.


At no point has anyone in this process attempted to appear sympathetic to their customers for putting them out over 6-8 weeks becuase of a faulty product. In fact, everyone has been so "status quo" that it shocks me (as the customer) how you handle these situations. If the volume of 'bad service' comments is that high, you would think a company like SONY would attempt to change it. Rather, they seem to have simply accepted poor service as the bar their customer can accept. That puts them right up there with Time Warner Cable. Just frustrating to see such horrible customer service in a world where customer service is king.


From now on, I'm committed to not buying SONY televisions as it's not worth the headache. 

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