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Does the base PS4 use HDR, or is just the PS4 Pro?

I was wondering if the PS4 uses HDR as advertised, or if it is with the PS4 Pro and certain games? I was playing Batman: Arkham Knight (AK) when wondered if that game used the HDR. Can other titles that aren't advertised (Batman:AK, GTA, Last Of Us, etc.) can support HDR, or you need the Pro and the upscaling. 

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Re: Does the base PS4 use HDR, or is just the PS4 Pro?

Hello, ComicGuy200!

I think the PS4 does support HDR, because when I look at the specs, it says in the AV Output section that the HDMI out port supports HDR output. So, I think the original PS4 does support HDR, but I'm not entirely sure. The PS4 Pro is most definitely HDR supported and it definitely uses HDR. Games look much more beautiful, are more detailed, etc. Overall, games are much more enhanced when they are played on the PS4 Pro. If I'm not mistaken, games that aren't advertised (such as Batman: AK), should be able to support HDR. You should be able to play any PS4 game on a PS4 Pro without any issues. The games would look much better and more enhanced on a Pro than on the original PS4. Smiley Happy

Again, I am not entirely sure if the original PS4 uses HDR, but the Pro most definitely does. I think you would need a PS4 Pro to get the full HDR experience when playing a game. I think it is possible to play HDR games on an original PS4, but they wouldn't look as good as when you play it on a Pro. Smiley Happy

I hope this info helps! Smiley Happy

Best regards,

~Sony's #1 Fangirl, Esther Smit
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Registered: ‎03-12-2017
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Re: Does the base PS4 use HDR, or is just the PS4 Pro?

Thank you for the response SonyFanGirl1! Okay I see that the Pro gives the full HDR experience, while the PS4 does not have as much detail as the PS4 Pro. I just use Batman:AK as a example since it is finely made game with great graphics.

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