Youtube on KDL40W650D after the latest update View in community

Something got definitely broken in update v4.316 for Smart TV KDL40W650D.


Sometimes, YouTube application becomes non-responsive. I push a button on remote control and it may take up to a few minutes till I see the response on the TV. It is a bit hard to say whether it depends on the exact videos or duration of using the application, but I notice it pretty often. It does not hang, but it does not respond in a timely manner.

I usually watch some long-running videos on YouTube. I can click on some 2-hours music video and listen it in a background while I do some other things. Then, if I decide to change something - skip some part of the video or put it on pause, it might take forever (from a few seconds to a few minutes) until I see that action on the TV.

It was working fine with a previous version of firmware. It started after I installed the latest update.


I wonder if anybody experienced the same issues?.. Am I the only one who is so lucky to get that bug?

I was a bit lazy to report it, I thought, "Ok, somebody will notice it and they will hopefully fix it in a few weeks/months". Many months have passed but the problem is still there.

Is there an easy way to downgrade the firmware?